family session in Medicine hat, alberta

Hello! & welcome to my VERY FIRST blog post. Please bear with me because I am not a writer. There will be grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes & some things might not even make sense. BUT I will be talking from the heart and share all the details from some of my favorite sessions!

The first one I will be writing about it a six hour family session (including travel) in Medicine Hat, Alberta. This family originally booked during my Black Friday sale. The mama booked for their 10 year wedding anniversary. They had originally gotten married in Vegas, and though their original plan was to travel back to Vegas, days got away from them and they couldn't quite plan it in time. I was so grateful to be there during the following months of planning and changes. In the end we settled on going to multiple locations to capture the different visions we had come up with. Something that was very important to the Courteney was capturing her husbands eyes. AND THIS IS WHAT I AM ALL ABOUT. I love those little moments that clients have that maybe no one else understands, I want to capture those. I was lucky enough that Courteney shared (one of the reasons) WHY. 10 years ago when they travelled to Vegas they hired a photographer to come with them. When she got the photos back her heart sank. Her new husband was wearing sunglasses in every photo. This is honestly a beginner photographer error, and I was not immune to it at the start of my journey. A particular session comes to mind, as I edited an extended family session I had done I noticed one of the dads had pockets FULL of things - keys, wallet, other things? I don't even know what. His pockets were overflowing with things. I try to be so diligent about this now, when I bring my assistant I even remind her to be looking for things I just may forget.

Below is one of my most requested photos lately. You probably know why this was one of the most important ones in the gallery.

april 2, 2022

We started the day off at The Mezz in Medicine Hat, Alberta. This gorgeous building had beautiful stairs we used to remake a "first look" this time daughters included. We used their booths for cute couple shots & the big windows for ideal lighting.

I honestly was not prepared for where we went next, I was stunned that this gorgeous ballroom existed right above us. The owner graciously took us up to the top level to Heritage Events. The MOST STUNNING ballroom & studio. I declared this was where I was going to get married (though not engaged).

Here we did a first dance, and then changed into outfit number two. 

After capturing some serious gorgeous moments in this spectacular ballroom, we went two floors down. To Nineteen 11. Honestly The Beveridge building quickly became one of my favorite places in Medicine Hat. Shortly after I messaged my boyfriend to let him know we HAD to go. This beautiful, moody speakeasy is just one floor down from their restaurant. We captured some steamy photos there before changing to outfit 2.B.

Next we headed to a parkade. But not for long, we both quickly realized it wasn't the mood we were going for. So from there we discussed alternative locations. There was a particular location I had first thought of when Courteney told me she wanted something downtown, I had gone to check it out before hand and there were these new signs up that said "closed to public" I didn't know if this was because of the snow or because photographers frequented there. Honestly some photographers ruin things for everyone, I think that is common in a lot of professions. We decided to check it out anyways as the snow had melted. And we were lucky! The sign was gone, so we proceeded to get some shots in this gorgeous location downtown Medicine Hat, overlooking the river. I honestly could share every photo from this near 200 picture gallery. It is so hard to narrow it down. 

NEXT! location number four and outfit number three. This is what some might say is my bread and butter. This is a good example of how I style my clients. Which I guess I haven't talked about yet. I style all my clients - whether they want it or not, its their decision to take my advice or not. I send out styling questionnaires and do personalized styling videos. I use my client closet - which is a free to use collection of dresses (mostly geared towards mom) to use for your session. Hilariously enough, Courteney didn't fill it out right away. In this case I usually go ahead styling the client based off my MY STYLE, because that is all I really can do at that point. Well she came back saying her husband isn't a fan of boho and he thought some pieces looked like little house on the prairie. Honestly I thought it was funny. It is also a really good example on how I should just chill sometimes instead of rushing to do a task. Anyways, it turns out Courteney DID like boho. So thus, three outfit changes were born. 1 to capture some sunglass-less wedding photos, second the 10 year anniversary dress she dreamed of, and third to create emotive family photos to treasure for years to come!

Our plan was to be at Police Pointe Park for golden hour, but we were ahead of schedule. Luckily we were blessed with an overcast day that allowed us to get that gorgeous lighting at any time of day. As the kids quickly grew over pictures, understandably,  but we were still able to get some beautiful shots. This little girl, is the sole reason why 6 year olds are my new favorite age to photograph. "Glue your foreheads together" was the prompt of the day, and this little girl, she understood the assignment. Here are my favorite photos from the whole day.

I was also grateful to offer this family a lifestyle video, I absolutely love these and I am so excited to grow in this department. We decided to just feature the last outfit to avoid choppiness, at this point the girls were a little more tired (understandably) so the video was a touch shorter and I didn't get some of the shots on my list. But it did turn out wonderful, and I think they will cherish it for YEARS to come. You can check this video out on my portfolio page. And currently on my homepage!

This session was rare - my session are NOT normally 6 hours and three outfit changes...this was a package specifically designed for this client which is ALWAYS a possibility. 

I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post! Leave me a comment and let me know how I did! 

Xoxo Gossip Girl