I'm SILKEN, nice to meet you.

I am going to tell you a bit about myself, in hopes you will share some of yourself with me. 

You know the corny saying "a picture tells a thousand words"...well its true. I know shocking, not just a corny phrase. I truly love freezing time - creating little time capsules to come back to later and relive a moment. I don't have a lot of regrets in life but, I do wish I started photography earlier. This is for two reasons. One because I can never grow fast enough, I have so many ideas and I just wish they were all in place. & two because I wish I had more pictures of my brother - I wish my mom had more pictures of my brother, and don't get me wrong there is, in a box somewhere, hundreds of 4X6's some of which he would be in. But I mean family pictures, the wow pictures you hang on your walls, the emotive pictures that make you feel something, the ones that tell a story. I LOVE THOSE, thats why I aim to have you in the moment and not staring at my camera. I want you interacting with each other. I lost my brother when I was 13. It was hard, but honestly sometimes I think watching my mom go through it was just as hard. 


I grew up in British Columbia, but have always had a strong pull to Saskatchewan. Ive spent half my life in the mountain and half in the prairies. & now I have started my journey in Ontario, but my family is still in Maple Creek so I travel back and forth often.

I was always the girl with a camera in hand. Do you remember those little pink Casios? Yep! that was me. After my daughter was born I decided to create something I knew she would be proud of, and something more flexible so I could spend time with her. Colin is also in the military so being mobile is important.


more about me.